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Let us heal the World with Education

The only thing that can currently heal the burning globe is Education. Prosperity is synonymous to education. It is not just a community, a religion or a geographic location; that is ailing because of one or the other reason. Today, we talk about global terrorism, internecine feuds, poverty and environmental degradation. We are caught between […]

India Youth Forum: Volunteer Recruitment

India Youth Forum is a platform to connect the youth from all parts of the country and inspire them to participate in the nation building process. Recruitment Portal: Connect with Us: Eligibility Age between 18 – 30 years. Excellent Communication Skills. Proficiency in using Microsoft Office, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Terms and Conditions […]

National Voters’ Day

The Election Commission observes its formation day, January 25 every year as National Voters’ Day in order to encourage more young voters to take part in the political process. Now, its important for the young voters to get engaged in the electoral process in order to root out the evils of 3 Cs – Corruption, […]