Current Scenario for Vocationalisation of Education in India

The Division, India, and Bharat! The division between the educated and the illiterate, between the urban and the rural, the successful and the unemployed, the organized factory worker and the landless laborer, is growing day by day. It is almost like we have two nations, co- existing and cooperating to some extent on the same […]

Introduction of the grading system in schools in India: How far it is successful?

Enter 2009, the year for the paradigm shift in the Indian education system. A lot of new assessment systems were being considered for this next big change (percentile system, grading system et al.) Eventually in 2010, the CBSE decided to do away with the evaluation system of marks to give way for grades (In this […]

National Voters’ Day

The Election Commission observes its formation day, January 25 every year as National Voters’ Day in order to encourage more young voters to take part in the political process. Now, its important for the young voters to get engaged in the electoral process in order to root out the evils of 3 Cs – Corruption, […]

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