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E Learning – India’s license for boosting up its Higher Education System

With the growing conglomerate of online education companies and organisations, it is highly expected that India would finally capitalise on the lag in its higher education system. The growing divide in public and private education in India can finally be tackled given equal budgetary aid and effective execution of the same on the ground. In […]

Effects of Legalizing Cannabis in States of India

The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act bars the consumption, production and transportation of Cannabis/Marijuana/Ganja within the Indian geographical borders. It has been placed in a list which also includes fatal synthetic narcotic drugs like Cocaine, Heroin and M-Kat. This issue has been debated for decades, however, the legality of this ‘natural herb’ is far […]

Adhrit Consociate – Online Internship Cum Recruitment Programme (August-September)

Adhrit Consociate, the official blog of Adhrit Foundation ( is hereby inviting applications for its Online Internship cum Recruitment Programme (August-September) from undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students interested in writing about various issues. Focused Areas: Education Law Healthcare Entrepreneurship Youth Empowerment Eligibility: Open to all students above 18 years. Place: Online. Stipend: This is a voluntary and unpaid opportunity. […]

Should Healthcare be provided through the Government?

Adequate healthcare remains one of the most important needs of any nation.  This is because the provision of proper healthcare ensures a healthy workforce that uses its entire potential to strive to attain economic prosperity. Education and security are the other basic needs which have to be satisfied. As such, this article seeks to analyse […]

To Analyze the Impact of Commercialization of Education on Students

Abstract: The paradigm shift in higher education from service to business is a growing concern today. The decade of 2000s has been associated with the process of expansion, privatization and internationalization of Indian Higher Education sector. The commercialization of education has a dreadful effect which is so subtle that it often goes undetected. Another worrying […]

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