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Indispensable Need of Sex Education

It’s a pleasant fine morning, with a cup of tea in your hand, you flip through a national daily and you’re left dumbstruck by the awful news headlines which are enough to destroy your peace for the day. For example, “A three-and-half-year-old girl was allegedly raped by two minor boys in Ingipalli village in Dattajeru […]

E Learning – India’s license for boosting up its Higher Education System

With the growing conglomerate of online education companies and organisations, it is highly expected that India would finally capitalise on the lag in its higher education system. The growing divide in public and private education in India can finally be tackled given equal budgetary aid and effective execution of the same on the ground. In […]

Effects of Legalizing Cannabis in States of India

The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act bars the consumption, production and transportation of Cannabis/Marijuana/Ganja within the Indian geographical borders. It has been placed in a list which also includes fatal synthetic narcotic drugs like Cocaine, Heroin and M-Kat. This issue has been debated for decades, however, the legality of this ‘natural herb’ is far […]

Legal Education in India

Introduction: Law governs the world and its people and is the ultimate instrument of change. It has the potential to reform society and guarantees justice to its people. Principally, it is the basic element and facilitator of justice. It serves as an important instrument for achieving socio-economic development in society. The primary function of law […]

Social Entrepreneurship- Rebuilding Society through Innovation

Change is the new constant. The world is constantly changing as new societies emerge, are destroyed and rebuilt yet again. In the present times, we have people who catalyse or at least strive to catalyse the rebuilding process of the society. These catalysts are known as social entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur is an individual who undertakes […]

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