Category: Youth Empowerement

To Analyze the Impact of Commercialization of Education on Students

Abstract: The paradigm shift in higher education from service to business is a growing concern today. The decade of 2000s has been associated with the process of expansion, privatization and internationalization of Indian Higher Education sector. The commercialization of education has a dreadful effect which is so subtle that it often goes undetected. Another worrying […]

Importance of an Online Internship

We are living in an era where things are getting technically advanced day by day and everything has a presence online starting from selling a ‘Paan’ to ‘attending classes’ in a college. Today, youth is so full of energy and they prefer to do multi-tasking and gain multiple skills and that’s when the Online/Virtual Internships come […]

Adhrit Consociate – Online Internship Cum Recruitment Programme

Adhrit Consociate, the official blog of Adhrit Foundation ( is hereby inviting applications for its Online Internship cum Recruitment Programme from undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students interested in writing about various issues. Focused Areas: Education Healthcare Entrepreneurship Youth Empowerment Eligibility: Open to all students above 18 years. Note: People who are currently undertaking an internship at any of […]

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