Parameters of Evaluation

All applications were decided based on the quality of article and prior experience of the applicants being reflected in the resume. Marks of the article and resume were added to arrive at the required score. The criteria were:

For Article:

  • Introduction: The author is expected to succinctly provide an introduction to the reader that is sufficient to acquaint a reasonably informed reader to the issue. The introduction must be between 100-150 words.
  • The Problem: The author then continues to discuss the issue at length. It is worth mentioning that only that facet of the problem that is relevant to the discussion is required.
  • Status Quo: The author then deliberates upon the current state-of-affairs including the magnitude of the issue, persons affected, steps already undertaken and their shortcomings.
  • Recommendations/Conclusions: The author must pay special attention to suggesting solutions.
  • Plagiarism:

Adhrit Foundation strongly disapproves acts of plagiarism. Special attention was thus taken to ensure evaluation only of original work. The various levels of evaluation were:

  1. Text reproduced verbatim: Not evaluated.
  2. Text reproduced verbatim and referenced in footnotes. A mere reference to an original work does not indicate originality of the author. The author is expected to provide his own insights to the referenced text.
  3. Text essentially reproduced from another work but involving certain modifications: Marked on the basis of original thought and expression.

For resume:

  • Writing Experience (Blogs, Research papers, Paper Presentations, Publications)
  • Volunteering/Internships in Education, Healthcare, Youth Empowerment, Law and NGOs
  • Organizational Experience

 Allocation of topics:

Top 5 Applicants who received the greatest score under their respective heads were selected. Topics which did not receive requisite number of application or received unsatisfactory articles, i.e., deeply plagiarized works, were accommodated with applications from other topics. To this end, the highest scoring candidate who failed to make it to any topic was accommodated.

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