As the world grows with technology, and as the economy is upgraded and expands, one thing that has been deteriorating is the health. One can’t deny the physical pain it brings along, despite being technologically treatable. I have seen my grandmother, grappling with pain, the harsh Chemotherapy and radiation therapies, the emotional breakdown seeing your skin rot due to the side effects, extreme weakness, etc. But physical and mental support is the only remedy that helps to cross the river of pain. Efforts to reduce the burden of cancer from the lives of the people should be made globally and individually. The ‘World Cancer Day’ established at the World Summit against Cancer for New Millennium under the Paris Charter on February 4th, 2000. It aims to promote and encourage research for curing and preventing the disease, working on the improvement of medical services provided to the patients, the mobilising the global community to work against cancer. 

Cancer has different consequences on different people. Hence, we all need to retrospect on what could be done, to pledge and work for it. The government can step up their response to cancer by pushing for actions that we know shall reduce the premature deaths, and improvement in the quality of life and cancer survival rates. Changes in the way we live, exposes us to factors that aggravate the possibility of detecting cancer like smoking, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle. Educating the individuals and community of the link between lifestyle and cancer risk is the first step towards prevention.

In many of the Society, cancer remains a taboo subject. People living with cancer are often subjected to stigma and discrimination that prevents them from accessing the support and care. Government, communities, schools, media needs to work towards the eradication of the damages that myths and misconceptions have brought. This shall bring confidence to avail the appropriate cancer information and qualified medical assistance. One should understand that early detection is not always possible, but if done so, the survival is three times higher. Health professional play a critical role as they are equipped with recognising early warning signs and abnormalities. Regular check-ups can be of help. Maintaining the social support network and talking of the same can help ease the journey.  Every place should foster a culture of the healthy environment, food, workout. Taking measures to encourage measures to promote healthy habits in everyday life.

The most that we can do is support the people going through this tough phase. A smile eases the entire problems of life, a shoulder to lean upon always lessens the burden though not physically but mentally. So let’s celebrate this day, pledging to work for the society, our people, taking small yet significant steps to bring the desired change! WE CAN! I CAN!

About the Author:

Bhavinee Mishra

Bhavinee is a Law student at Symbiosis Law School, Noida. Her interest lies in Constitutional Law and Administrative Law. She is an active participant in all the activities of her college and believe in out of the box thinking. She loves painting, and has her interest inclines towards charcoal, oil abstract paintings.