Cancer as a life-taker can never be overhyped. It is as a medical condition that can be terminal, or even when treated early may relapse. Cancer or any such medical condition affects not only the person suffering from it but also the near and dear ones. There are physical pain, mental agony, anguish and psychological trauma. The only plausible way to deal with Cancer is to be aware! Aware of Cancer, aware of its symptoms, its causes, its likelihood. A research carried out in the recent past has proved that earlier the diagnosis of cancer saves lives.

It is logical if a little mind is applied to it. Here’s the logical interpretation:

How does one come to be aware of the Cancer symptoms? Simple, through the Internet, through the various campaigns, pulled off by the NGOs, or most plausibly, by a visit to the doctor himself. So, when one is well aware of the symptoms of Cancer or a person in the bloodline having Cancer, one is careful and watches out for any like condition which manifests.

Now God forbid if there is a condition which is akin to the symptom, a doctor visit becomes a must. What flows from this visit to the doctor is a series of tests. Test to check the normalcy. The tests are carried out confirm your condition to be a symptom or a mere figment of the imagination. However no matter what, even if once it happens that your condition is not a symptom, and a similar condition props in the future, there is no need to worry or be apprehensive about visiting a doctor. Visit the doctor and be satisfied. Health is valued more than a saved go.

Thus, the need now is to increase awareness of cancer symptoms, encourage people to take screening programmes and encourage people to seek help.  It is the least one can do, to help a family member, a friend or any random person for that matter. It is a not a mere duty; it is an obligation cast upon us by being a human since everyone has a human right to live.

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Saranya is currently pursuing law at ILS Law College, Pune. She is extremely active in extra-curricular activities, is part of her college student council and has tried hands at almost everything, from organising of seminar to presenting at one, from moots to legal aids. She has a knack for writing, and writes on contemporary issues with a commitment to drive away the mob mentality.